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Based on the popular Percy Jackson series. Create a Half-Blood, join with your cabin, or smite your brethren for your own gain.
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PostSubject: Athena's Child   Athena's Child I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 17, 2010 4:43 pm

[[OOC: This roleplay takes place in Athena's house, but there was no thread for it. This was close enough.]]

Athena had waited for the 9 months to be up, just like any other mother would. But instead of going through intense pain like the others, her son was born through her mind and placed into her arms. She smiled down at the child and walked over towards the windowsill, where a black box was sitting.

Her son gurgled and reached his arms out to the box as she picked it up, and she chuckled, opening it and her delicate hand finding a silver chained necklace. There was one blue bead on it at the minute, and the beads would grow by one a year as her child grew older.

She tenderly fastened the chain round the baby's neck, and he instantly grasped his small hands round it in wonder.

"Now my son, you must go down to Earth..." Athena murmured with remorse set deep in her voice. Her son was still playing with his chain absently. "But I shall never forget you. When the time is right, I will be able to contact you, and grant you your powers."

She held her baby at arms length, and he gave her a confused look, holding his small arms out to her and letting out a cry. Athena turned her head away and bit her lip as she transported him down to New York. "I'm so sorry... we will meet again..." She said, her voice thick with tears. "Dante..." She murmured the name she decided to give her baby, and then she sat on her sofa, looking out of her window.

Her fingers clasped around the identical necklace around her neck, the proof she was Dante's mother. Now, all she could do was watch and wait.

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