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Based on the popular Percy Jackson series. Create a Half-Blood, join with your cabin, or smite your brethren for your own gain.
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 Rules for the Styx[WIP]

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Rules for the Styx[WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the Styx[WIP]   Rules for the Styx[WIP] I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2010 5:52 am

1. You must request a journey to underworld by an admin.

2. You must post an 1000 word travel thread.

3. You must find a way into the underworld, either through California passage, or through the labryinth, the labrytinth is a bad idea considering you can die easily. 1000 words for labryinth.

4. You must also pay a toll to Charon, this item can be, a loss of powers, or 4 drachmas, the drachmas can only be obtained through challenged in rpg when you battle a god, this challenge can be against any god, if you atleast due damage, or have battle greatly, you get 2 drachmas. These battles are supervised by moderators.

5. From there you can find a way to the river styx, you must bring someone with you in order to be dunked in, and you must be pick a spot to attach your soul to your body, that place is your weak spot, 1000 post count.

6. You are not invincible until you leave the underworld, but risk being killed.

7. You have a weak spot, but are basically invisible, though can still be killed by gods, and also children of hades can take you to the underworld, and give you to hades.
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Rules for the Styx[WIP]
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